Filing for Unemployment

IMPORTANT: If you become unemployed due to coronavirus (COVID-19), you should file for unemployment benefits. Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis. We are processing claims as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience during this difficult time.

For faster claims processing:

Answer YES to the question “Do you have a DEFINITE return to work date after today?”

If you do not know your return to work date but expect to return to your job, enter 04/01/2020 for your return to work date when prompted.

Have your employer’s DOL registration number available. If you do not have the number, enter 99-999-95.

When you are asked if you are able and available for full-time work on either your initial claim or your weekly claims, please answer “No” only if you are out of work because YOU are sick.

If your employer is shutting down for a period of time because of COVID-19 and will be paying you your usual wages for this time, you are not eligible for unemployment.

Due to the very high volume of claims being filed, we strongly recommend that you select direct deposit to your bank account as your method of payment. This is the most efficient means of payment and will avoid any potential delays in waiting for a debit card to be mailed to you.

We are working as fast as we can to process the claims we are receiving. Please watch your email for important notifications that will give you information on the status of your claim and next steps in filing. Emails to look out for include:

Your claim has been successfully submitted – this means that DOL has received your claim and will process it as soon as possible.

Your claim has been processed – this means that DOL has processed your claim and you need to follow the next steps on the email to receive payment.

CLICK HERE or copy and paste this link into your browser to start the process: